Many people miss the delights of Olbia when they head for the Costa Smeralda area of Sardinia. The draw of the white sand beaches takes them away from the beauty of the historical centre of the city.

Choosing to stay in Olbia can provide great value. It's a more affordable place to base yourself, and discover Sardinia, than staying in one of the expensive resorts along the coast.
Buses are a common sight in the city, and Taxi are inexpensive and easy to take.
You can had to the travel centre, news agents and even certain bars, to get the ticket that you need. It's worth knowing that travelling around Olbia in a car is not easy as there is a one way system in place.
The best idea is probably to travel by Olbia Airport Taxi in the city and only hire a car if you want to head off down the coast and explore.

When you first arrive in Olbia, it's a good idea to take a stroll from the bay up through the town. You can stop off in the market square and enjoy watching everyday life going on around you.
Seafood is popular in the city, due to its coastal location.

Take a look down the side streets for more affordable and authentic restaurants where you can mingle with the locals and get a taste of the real Olbia.

After stopping off for a bite to eat, try to make time to visit the Museo Archeologico. It's situated on an island in the bay and is home to historical artefacts that can help you to see what life was like in Olbia, hundreds of years ago.

You can finish off your days in Olbia by taking advantage of happy hour at many of the local hotels. Alternatively, you can simply relax and watch the sun go down across the bay.