When it comes to moving groups of people for special or VIP events, nothing works better than a luxury minibus. That is why we provide minibus services from and to any destination in Sardinia, with a large fleet equipped with all kind of comforts, such as free water, fridge, overhead lighting, on board Wifi, air conditioning and leather seats. Our vehicles have a capacity of up to 7 passengers, they feature tinted windows shades and have a large luggage storage.

Here you find some of the most common routes that we cover with our minibus service.

To and from Airport and Cruise Terminal
If you are arriving or leaving Sardinia, we can offer you an excellent airport transfer service picking you up or dropping you off at Olbia Airport or Olbia Aviazione Generale. Our company chauffeur will meet you, your family or your group of friends and guarantee you a clean, safe and comfortable travel to your destination

To and from Hotels and Resorts
Sardinia is the perfect place for a dream vacation with private villas, 5 star hotels and luxury resorts being the perfect scenario of a memorable accommodation. Our professional chauffeurs will be more than happy to drive you from your hotel to your favorite places like shopping centers, special dining destinations, glamorous events or from one resort to the next.

To and from Business Meetings
We know how important is to be on time in business meetings. This is why booking a minibus service with us you can make sure we will coordinate with extra care all details of your schedule. We will suit your exact needs and eliminate any of your concerns. We can drive you to any meeting, conference, trade show, business dinner, golf event, VIP event and more.

Sightseeing Excursions and Tours
Booking our minibus service, you can travel around Sardinia for an unforgettable sightseeing excursion. We will meet your tour schedule needs and arrange a stress free driving for you. Our service include family trips, business excursions and any kind of touristic tour.